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Service and Quality have always been our motto here at Del Monte Meats and it’s no different with our wild game processing.

We individually process your game animal, cut and wrap it to your specifications, along with any additional processing you may choose which may include jerky made with our own famous recipe, delightfully flavored pepperoni, summer sausage, and sausages.

Our season usually begins in August and wraps up in January. We process most game animals. Call us for information on processing charges.

Custom Curing & Smoking

Tried & True

We custom smoke your own meats from fish to pork.

Spice up your next Party

Our mouth-watering smokehouse products are the efforts of many hours of experimentation and testing resulting in cured meats that we are truly proud of.

Our teriyaki flavored beef jerky rivals the best on the market. We sell it fresh by the pound or packaged for retail sale. It is also available in our unique sweet/hot teriyaki flavor.

We feature an array of smoked sausages to tempt any palate. Our Louisiana Hot Sausages vie for first place against our original Onion/Garlic Sausage recipe.



Trust our aging process to bring out the best flavors in our meat.


We continue to add new recipes to our ever-evolving list of favorites.


Our poultry is moist and succulent. We use low salt and smoke them heavily.


Tried and True

The aroma of the smoked turkey permeates the air, especially during the holiday season. Low in salt and heavily smoked, we produce a moist, succulent bird fit for any occasion; but especially tasty for your holiday feast.

Tried and true recipes

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